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about 6 years ago

Final Judging

Greetings Participants!

We've had a great experience hosting the very first Borderless Block Party. We set out to encourage students from across the world to develop applications that use the variety of blockchain infrastructures available and we're excited with the initial submissions filing in. 

How to Submit

  1. Go to and follow the "Submit Project" button.
  2. Fill the multiple fields to describe your project, choose a thumbnail, and upload any pictures or videos.
  3. Add other team members to the project.
  4. Submit

(need some help? Message @dmasley on the hackathon slack)



November 30th, 9pm EST


Resume Opt-In

Blockchain companies are watching this competition closely and wish to interact with students enthusiastic about this industry. If you'd like to have your resume submitted for these companies to get in contact with you:

  • please email with your resume
  • or message @dmasley on the hackathon slack and upload your resume


Thanks for your participation everyone! We're all really excited to see what you have come up with. 


Dean Masley (executive director of the College Cryptocurrency Network)