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about 6 years ago

2nd Milestone

Greetings Participants!

It is now the 2nd week of the competition, we are halfway through! For the second milestone we are grading participants on their ability to create a solid landing page that describes their project. 

When you build a startup, you explain your project to anyone and everyone who will listen. But when you introduce an idea to someone who hasn't been working on it, you need to explain the context for it's importance and why it matters. Being an online hackathon, we are not able to walk around the room and have a conversation with the teams. Yet despite this, startups and small projects have this same geographical problem and use clean websites with catchy text to attract people to sign up for newsletters and stay up to date with the project.


Milestone by Week

  1. Best Logo/Branding - $30 to winning team "CryptID"
  2. (Nov 15, 8pm EST) Best Website/Project Clarity
  3. Best Video Demonstration
  4. Final Judging (on the code) 


How do I submit for the milestone?

  1. Setup a website
  2. Follow these guidelines to see what you are graded on
  3. Announce your Website on the Slack channel #milestones

Announce on Slack!

This is an online competition and unfortunately can't walk around a room and see what everyone is up to, don't be a lurker. We're excited to see what everyone does and would love to hear when you hit certain milestones or have fun/frustrating things to say. Plus we will do fun small contests with small tip rewards.

If you are not already, we highly advise you join and participate in our slack channel throughout the competition. It makes it much easier for us to maintain engagement and provide you timely help/announcements/services!

Feel free to contact me ( or on slack (@dmasley).


Dean (exec. director of the CCN)